Erfolgreiches Trading beginnt mit dem Tradesscanner

Professionelle Strategien, Options- und Aktienvorschläge, einfache Einstiege und klare Targets

Wenn Sie erfolgreich traden wollen, ist der Tradesscanner Ihr idealer Begleiter: Er liefert Ihnen professionelle Strategien, Optionen und Aktienvorschläge, bietet einfache Einstiegsmöglichkeiten und klare Ziele. Mit dem Tradesscanner werden Sie bestens auf Ihr Trading vorbereitet sein. Zudem ist der Tradesscanner einfach zu bedienen und bietet eine intuitive Benutzeroberfläche. Sie können schnell und unkompliziert die besten Trades finden, ohne stundenlang nach passenden Optionen oder Aktien suchen zu müssen.

Dank des Tradesscanners werden Sie auch in turbulenten Zeiten an den Märkten erfolgreich sein.

Mit dem Tradesscanner haben Sie also einen verlässlichen Partner an Ihrer Seite, der Ihnen dabei hilft Ihre Trading-Strategie auf ein neues Level zu bringen. Probieren Sie es aus – wir sind sicher, dass auch Sie von diesem Tool begeistert sein werden!

Lightning-Fast Trading Solutions

Start building your passive income today with’s one of a kind trading software


Complex Trading Options Made Easy

Do you want to start trading but don’t know where to start?

Are you already trading but struggling to find the time to succeed?

Tradesscanner’s unique, lightning-fast trading software helps you understand the market quickly and easily.

You no longer have to waste endless hours searching for the best deals or trying to understand the complex world of trading.

Because with Tradesscanner’s one of a kind software, everything is done for you.


Solve Your Trading Headaches in a Flash

Imagine being able to quickly log in every morning and have your trading reports in an instant.

No more searching for the right deal or trying to evaluate each company individually…

With, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

Fundamental Analysis in “Simple”

The main focus with our Fundamental Analysis package is time saving and simplicity.

Everything you need to know is presented to you quickly and concisely.

Here you can find and evaluate growth stocks worldwide using our efficient fundamental analysis in Agenatrader.

You’ll be given a company rating, allowing you to make sure you’re investing in only the best companies.

So, when you need analysis quickly, you’ll find it right here.


  • You’ll be able to check company ratings in a snap
  • You’ll have volatility reports available instantly
  • You’ll know what price to buy and sell at
  • You’ll have everything you need to make the right decision
  • You’ll have the confidence to choose the best deals for you
  • And most importantly, you’ll make a LOT of profit

All in the time it takes to drink your morning coffee.


Years of Trading Knowledge in an Instant

Understanding the ins and outs of trading and how everything works can take you years to perfect.

Tradesscanner’s easy to use software means that you don’t have to be an expert on things like Bear Call Spread, Bull Put Spread and Iron Condor Spread to succeed.

That’s because the software does all the understanding for you. And it translates it into a simple system that lets you quickly and easily find everything you need to succeed.

So, you won’t just be saving time every day, you’ll also be saving years of hard-earned knowledge and experience by taking advantage of Efstaq’s one of a kind software.


Choose the Right Trading Package for Your Needs

Stock Trading in “Easy”

Determining the best entry points and trend directions can be tricky.

Far too often people feel overwhelmed with choices and don’t know where to turn.

That’s why’s unique, easy to use software is so popular for Stock Trading.

You’ll receive a complete workflow which has done all the arduous, time consuming and confusing searches for you. Giving you more time to quickly find out if a deal is right for you.

This means that you can make more deals, and more money, faster.


Option Trading in “Simple”

Options trading can be very time consuming and complex. With hundreds of thousands of possibilities, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and give up.

But with our Option Package, you’ll find everything easy.

“Which values do I choose? Where do I get in? Where do I get off?”

This is all explained to you quickly and concisely, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to make the right decisions quickly.



No Risk, Huge Rewards

Once you’ve found the right package for you. All you need to do is implement a small amount of time each day, and you’ll achi

Because we know you’ll be so happy with your Efstaq Package, you’re not tied in for long periods of time.

Simply choose the package that’s right for you, and you pay month by month, being free to cancel at any time should you wish.

You see, with Efstaq’s unique, easy to use software, your trading is low risk and high reward, and so is your trading package.

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